New Pattern: "Samara"

This is the last pattern that I designed when we were living in our old place. We recently bought a house and the transition sort of put a snooze on my business. Now that we are fully settled, I am ready to get back into full-swing. 


This pattern is not too challenging in itself, but reading the text of it can be. The repeats are very long, so it is easy to lose track. I would suggest breaking each round down, by copying it into a text editor, and putting each section on its own line break. Then, you can go through each repeat line-by-line. I would also suggest only stopping between rounds. If you stop within a round, you might lose your place. Because of the long repeats, the text of each round is very long. So the PDF is 15 pages long. I hope you don't find this too inconvenient.


"Samara" is 42 rounds and uses about 500-550 yards of size 10 thread. I used 73g (511 yards) and it came out to about 16-inches in diameter. Even though the suggested hook size is 2.00mm, you should always use the hook size that best complements your tension. This means that if your tension is looser than mine, you will need a smaller hook; and if it is tighter than mine, you will need to size up.


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