New Pattern: "Antares"

I always say with each new pattern that the newest one tends to be my favorite--this one is no exception. "Antares" started out like all the others: with no plan or direction, but ended up turning out beautifully. 

I used 52g of size 10 thread, so a tiny bit more than a single ball, so the estimate for this pattern is 350-375 yards. You may end up using less, especially if you have a tight tension and use a smaller hook. I used a 2.25mm hook which does mean I use a little more thread. 

Depending on your tension, your finished piece should be about 15-inches in diameter. I constantly find myself going back to this color--'ecru' or 'natural.' It photographs extremely well and it shows the stitching perfectly against this backdrop. It's also elegant timeless, in my opinion. 


I would not say that this pattern is very challenging. The tallest stitch used in this pattern is a DTR (yarn over 3 times). I think if you've ever worked any of my patterns before, you will find this average difficulty. 

This pattern is 50% off during the first 24-hours. You can purchase it below using any of the following links. The pattern returns to full price at 1:30pm EST on July 1st. 

I highly recommend purchasing through Ravelry (the pink/red button) because it will be saved to your Ravelry account (make sure you are signed-in) and you will never lose access to your file. Also, if this pattern is chosen for a future CAL, you will have free access to the CAL documents, which are only available to those who purchase through Ravelry.

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