New Pattern: "Ceres"

I recently received a large box filled with vintage thread from a friend of mine. I saw 2 spools of this beautiful blue and knew I had to use it immediately on a new pattern. However, I didn't realize that I would run out! This pattern is bigger than my average size, and I never know how big they will be when I begin them. However, since I already have a lot of thread, and a lot of partially-used spools, I was able to find a few leftovers in a strikingly similar color. They match so well you really can't tell, especially not from the pictures alone.


"Ceres" turned out to be 42 rounds and about 18-inches in diameter. If you've been paying attention, you might have noticed I've been using more space-themed names. This makes #4: Cassini, Orion, Antares, and Ceres. I definitely plan to use more.


If you're uncomfortable with taller stitches, I will warn you that this one does utilize TRTRs. If you look closely at the pictures, you can see an entire round of TRTRs that create a spoke-like effect around the center. I really like the look of them in this pattern, especially how the "yarn overs" create a twisted look to the stitches.


For this pattern, I used 73g / 510y of size 10 thread. You will need between 500-550 yards, depending on your tension and the hook size you prefer to use. I am still using a 2.25mm because of my very tight tension. 

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