New Pattern: "Inara"

This pattern is probably one of my favorites. It's not overly complicated or challenging and it has a very clean look. I know sometimes this has to do with the color I choose and how well I blocked it, but the pattern itself is also very fine.


I really enjoyed working this type of motif again and also incorporating lots of tall stitches around the center to give it almost a sunburst effect.


When we moved into our new house last month, I took the effort to combine all the leftover skeins of thread that I'd had sitting around--and there were a lot. In doing this, I was able to create a few full-size skeins of various colors. It's not ideal because you can end up using different dye lots, but I did not notice any significant color difference with this one at least. I used about 200-250 yards of Aunt Lydia's classic crochet size 10 in the color "peacock."


If you're familiar with my patterns, you should not have any trouble with this one and it should work up pretty quickly for you. There are a few decreases around the center (the tall V's) that you might find tricky only because they are taller stitches and some people find them cumbersome to work, but the effect is gorgeous. It creates an almost ruffled look. 

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