New Pattern: "Luna"

I love this thread. I’m not sure exactly what it is, since it was gifted to me. But I think it might be Ritorto Toscano, which is my favorite thread. I happen to NOT be able to get it here in the states. I’ve seen maybe one or two websites that offer it, but the shipping is astronomical. I wish my entire stash was made of this stuff. The gloss is beautiful and it holds up very well to constant frogging.


However, when I was working this new design, I didn’t have much of it, so this pattern ended prematurely. I wish I could have made it much bigger, but it still turned out to be gorgeous. This one is “Luna.”


It’s strange that when I first started making doilies and through the past few years, white has never appealed to me. But now I find it so stunning. However, it might just be because I have a beautiful black backdrop that makes the white really POP. But this pattern is one of those that really shines no matter what color or colorway you choose. There’s no repeating motif, so you can even use a long color-changing thread like Alize Miss. And it uses just under an entire skein, if you have any on hand.


This pattern is not very challenging. It has a lot of simple stitches and there are no splits at all. So if you’re not a fan of splits, this one is definitely for you. I am really in love with the simple elegance of this one.


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