New Pattern: "Fiona"

This pattern underwent quite a bit of frogging during it's design, but finally came together in such a splendid design. And I can never get over how exceptionally lovely this color always turns out. This is "Tyrion Purple" in Scheepjes Maxi Sugar Rush. Such a royal color. I used exactly 64g. 


I set this one down quite a few times, frogged entire sections more times than I can count. I feel as if I'm doing that a lot more lately. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, but I hope it doesn't mean I'm slowly losing my motivation. I'm still in love with the outcome.


With my tight tension, this piece came out to about 16-inches. Even though I do use a larger hook (2.25mm), my pieces tend to come out smaller than when other people work the same designs. I chalk that up to my tension. So always assume yours won't come out to exactly the same size as mine. 


The pineapples on this one look a little more pointed. There are two differences here that I did: ch2 spaces instead of ch3, and I added ch1 spaces to the edges. I'm not exactly sure how that would make the outcome more pointed, but there you go. I do like how they look. The smaller spaces make them look a bit finer, in my opinion.


I have to say that if you're up for a challenge, the center of this pattern will provide one for you. I just love how the dense center turned out. It's a combination of strips and popcorns that can really put you at your limit. If you know anything about you, you know I do love the challenge.

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