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  1. Is your question about help with a specific pattern? If so, please ask in our Facebook group. This group is specifically for pattern support. The community does a fabulous job supporting each other in this way. Please consider going there before contacting me directly. Individual pattern support is not provided directly from me and is not guaranteed for any of my patterns. However, if you join the Facebook group listed above, you may find others who have also worked the pattern you are having trouble with and they may provide assistance.

  2. Are you having trouble finding your pattern purchase(s)? If you purchased from Ravelry, you received an email directly from them. This email is also sent directly to me. There has never been an instance of my working with Ravelry where these emails were not delivered. To access your files, you will need to find that email and click the button or link within it. Do not delete any emails from Ravelry or you might lose access to your files. If you purchased from me and did not download your file(s) within 24-hours, you will need to use the form below to contact me so I can refresh your download link. After you receive your refreshed link, please download your files to a safe place where you will not lose them. I would suggest saving your files to a cloud service, not your device, so that in case your device stops working and you cannot access your files anymore, you will not lose them. The service I use and highly recommend is Dropbox. It is free to use. If you are using Ravelry with an account, your files will also be saved to your Ravelry library forever.

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