Where can I get help with one of your patterns? 

Please do not contact me directly for help. I get requests a lot about help because I know my patterns can be challenging, but I have specifically created two groups so that we can help each other. Lots of people have worked my patterns and I find, most of the time, if you ask for help, they are willing to help. 

You can join one or both of these groups and make a post about your question. Please read the rules of each group before making any posts.

Facebook Group
Ravelry Group

How did you come up with your designs?

Most of my designing is done without planning. I do not have an idea in mind when I begin--for the most part. However, sometimes I will be inspired by a design or motif and try to incorporate that into a new design, but a lot of the time when I try that, I do not succeed. 

I start mathematically--knowing how many stitches are needed to increase the first few rounds is important in making sure the pattern lays flat. Then after that, I simply try to add texture as much as I can as I go around. I'm only now to the point where I feel confident planning 1-2 rounds ahead, but for the most part I just wing every round. 

Because of this, I do a lot of frogging. If something doesn't work or look right, I pull it back. And there have been times where I had to pull back 5-10 rounds until I felt better about the design.

How long does it take for you to design a pattern?

Normally, it takes between 4-7 days. However, if I become demotivated for some reason, it can take up to 3 weeks. Sometimes life gets in the way, but for the most part, I design pretty fast. You can see of how long a pattern takes me by looking at the project pages for the patterns I design. I keep track of them by including the start/finish dates for most of the patterns there. 

How do you find the time to crochet so much?

My children are in school most days of the week, and I don't treat my business as a regular job. So, I find time to work when I can. Mostly, I design while they are in school and then after they are put to bed around 7pm. I stay up very late every night because my husband works late.

I probably don't get enough sleep.

Where do you find your inspiration?

In the beginning, I was inspired by designs by Patricia Kristoffersen and Fujiko Takagi. Now, I can be inspired by anything. If I see a doily pattern I want to try, I work it, but I do it in a manner where I let myself learn from the designer's techniques. 

How can I receive updates for your new patterns?

I don't really use my email list too often because I don't like to spam people. However, there are two sure ways you can keep up-to-date on my patterns. The first is to follow my Facebook business page. If you 'hide' the posts from my business page from your Facebook newsfeed, though, you will stop seeing any new posts I make. The second way is to join one of our groups: the Facebook group or the Ravelry group (or both).

Will you make a video of _____ pattern?

The short answer is no. 

It takes me months to put together a single pattern video (full-length). My process includes recording myself working the round, editing out the repeats, recording my voice-over separately, editing that on top of the video, adding round transitions, adding text, and then converting it to a viewable format. This takes an extremely long time to complete. 

I do have one video in the works for Marion and you will be able to purchase it through my website when it is done. However, it will not be a DVD, but a digital stream where you can view the video in your Vimeo account. This is to prevent illegal pirating.

Will you make a tutorial video/photo for _____ stitch/round in _____ pattern?

No. The community of people who follow my designs is quite large and I get requests nonstop. I do not have time to respond to everyone's requests or even begin to fulfill them all. 

I hope you understand that just like you, I have crochet preferences. I do not like every stitch of every design I've ever made. In fact, there are some designs I refuse to work again because they were not fun experiences to begin with (I'm looking at you--"Marion"!). 

When I feel inspired, I make tutorials. There are no plans and I only do it when I can find the time. 

Videos for specific stitches are sometimes done as I am designing. Sometimes, when I notice during a specific round that this round will be difficult to explain, I will stop and make a video of it. However, going back and making a video of a design that I've already finished almost always does not happen. I do not like re-working patterns that I've already done, so it takes a lot to motivate me to do so.

The exclusion to the rule here are Crochet-Alongs. When Crochet-Along patterns are decided, they come with a complete photo-tutorial and maybe a video or two, because I think Crochet-Alongs should have as much visual aides as possible. I believe if I am providing a Crochet-Along, I need to go above and beyond the available pattern. 

Can I be a tester for your patterns?

I get this question a lot. My testing group is a closed group. When I add testers, I do only by contacting crocheters where I've seen their work on social media and I like what they have done. It usually means they take good pictures, have meticulous stitching, and aren't busy. Many of my testers were contacted specifically by me. Some were recommended to me from my testers. If I need testers in the future, I will seek them out.

I do not take requests for testers.

Do you have e-book versions of your printed books?

Yes, as of August 25th, 2017. They are available here. As usual, they are handled separately from the physical books and individual patterns. Buying one version does not guarrantee you a copy of a different version. 

All e-books and individual patterns are kept up-to-date with all corrections. Physical books are not. 

If I purchased the book version of a pattern will I still be able to view the tutorials or extra digital material related to that pattern?

Unfortunately, no. The books and e-patterns are handled completely separately. The e-patterns are what I spend the most of my time on. The books are published by a separate company and are published only because I have received many requests from people to do so. 

If you own the book copy of a pattern, you can still participate in the Crochet-Alongs we do. During the period before the CALs begin, I offer the e-pattern at 50% off. This is a time when you can take advantage of the discounted price in order to obtain the extra material. I know this might sound strange, but it takes more time and effort to provide the actual tutorials than it does for me to design and write up a pattern. I do enjoy every part of it, though. 

Nonetheless, all videos that I make are available for free to anyone in the Facebook group.

Why isn't there a PDF version of your free patterns?

There are a few purposes as to why I provide free patterns: to give back to the community and to drive traffic to my website. I do not make money from my free patterns, so instead I use them to bring people to my website. PDF versions are too easily shareable and would remove that aspect entirely. 

You can print out a copy of the free patterns yourself by copying the pattern into a text editor and then deleting any part of it that you don't want to print. 

I purchased one of your patterns but I don't know how to find it or open it.

This is a very common inquiry I receive. Ravelry, for many people, is a new system for them and they are unsure how to navigate it. If you are having this problem, I am here to help! 

Step one: read Ravelry's guide on how to find your files

Step two: watch the video I made--

How do you block your doilies?

I'm glad you asked! I have made a short video showing how I block my doilies, which you can view below. Blocking can be done in several ways, but this is the way I prefer. Just remember that cotton requires heat (in this case, steam) to block properly.

I cannot find the email from Ravelry that contains my purchased pattern.

If you purchased while signed-in on Ravelry.com, then all you have to do is click on your Library (see the first video above). 

If you purchased without a Ravelry account, then the email is the only way to access your file. First, check your spam folder. It is possible that the email was sorted into your spam by accident. Second, re-check your inbox. Your email time will correspond with the time you purchased the file, unless you purchased via e-check through Paypal. E-checks take a bit of time to clear, so you will not receive the email until it clears through Paypal. Once it does, you should receive it.

If you have searched high-and-low and have not been able to find it, feel free to use the contact form on the Contact page of my website. Ravelry sends me the same emails it sends my customers, so I can forward the copy that I received, and it will have the link for you to download your file.

I cannot access Paypal because of where I live. Is there any other way to purchase your patterns?

Yes, I can make a listing for you here in my shop. However, I would need to know which pattern(s) you want to purchase so I can create the listings for you. I use Stripe which is a debit/credit card processor.

Please contact me only if this is the only way you will be able to purchase. 

Can I recommend a new pattern name?

The short answer is no. The long answer is that I pick names I feel inspired by. I have from time-to-time added names to my list and then eventually removed them because my inspiration for those names has left. My husband tries to recommend names all the time, and I veto most of them. 

It's like baby names. You wouldn't take recommendations from someone else for the names of your own children. 

Also, I try not to repeat any names other designers have used. 

I am not part of Facebook. How do I access the short video tutorials you made that are linked in the pattern document if I am not part of the Facebook group?

The answer is, you can't. The short tutorial videos I make are a benefit to the Facebook group members for being a part of the group. The community has done so much for me and I have wanted to provide for them these little videos as a way of saying 'thank you.' If you want to gain access to those free videos, you will have to join the Facebook group.

If I purchased a book can I have the digital pattern for free?


The books, digital patterns, and full-length videos I intend to make are all separate products. When you purchase content from me, you are buying a product. Buying one medium of a product does not automatically entitle you to a different medium of the same product for free. 

There are ways for you to achieve this on your own. If you purchased the book, you can scan it for your own records but not share these scans with anyone. If you purchased an e-pattern or e-book, you can print them out for a physical copy.

I redeemed a free pattern through Ravelry with a code you provided and I can no longer find or access it.

Free patterns that are redeemed by persons who are not signed into a Ravelry account are not tracked. This means that I have no way of verifying you obtained this pattern legally. You are responsible for saving the file and storing the email message from Ravelry so that you can access the file. If you do have an account but redeemed the pattern while you were not signed out, you can simply click the link in the email provided by Ravelry, and after the page loads, there will be a button or link on the page to "add to library" so that it will be added to your account. 

I have no way of verifying guest purchases and cannot help you access patterns for unknown purchases or redemptions. My suggestion in hindsight is to always purchase and redeem while signed into a Ravelry account; all purchases and redemptions made this way are forever stored on Ravelry and will never be lost.