Full-Length Pattern Walk-Through Tutorials

Please read through this entire explanation
before making your purchase!

REQUIRED = You must have a Facebook account. The videos are hosted in a private group on Facebook and if you do not have Facebook account, you cannot view the videos. 

REQUIRED = You must have the pattern that goes along with the video. This means you own the PDF or the book version. This will be verified before you are given access to the full video tutorial.

Common Questions 

  • What do the videos contain?

Each video contains a complete walk-through of each round. Parts omitted from the video are excessive repeats from within a round. In each video, I walk you through how to begin each round, how to complete a few of the first repeats of each round, instruct you on how many repeats to complete and where to stop, and then how to finish each round. Other info included: materials list, clear and distinct round transitions with time stamps (so you can easily come back and find a particular round), blocking information, and stitch counts per round.

  • How long will I have access to the videos I purchase? 

The simplest answer is 'always.' But the more technical answer is: however long you keep your Facebook account. If you lose access to your Facebook account and cannot regain it after contacting their support, you may contact me and I can revoke your previous account and let you gain access with a new account.

  • Why do I have to purchase the video even though I already own the pattern?

Because the pattern itself is not the product. The product, in this case, is the medium. I offer my patterns in three different mediums: digital, book, and now video. Purchasing one of the mediums for a single pattern does not automatically grant you access to any of the other mediums. 

You are required to own the pattern (in any form, be it book or PDF) in order to purchase access to the video tutorial because even though the video is quite comprehensive, having the pattern available to you completes the package.

Important reminders about your video access purchase:

  1. ALL videos are only available in English. However, I do understand that it is possible to figure out the pattern from the video alone even if you do not speak the language. If this is the case for you, please purchase at your own risk.
  2. You are not buying the video(s). This means you will not be given a copy. Instead, you are purchasing access to the video(s). After you purchase and complete the steps outlined in the video above, you will be granted permanent access to watch the tutorial video(s) you purchase. 
  3. You will only be able to access your video purchase(s) through your Facebook account. That means you will need to be signed in to Facebook every time you need to access your video(s). 
  4. Only users who have purchased access to the video(s) are granted permission to view them. This means you will not be able to share the video(s) with anyone else. Please refer any interested person(s) back to this page. 
  5. You must have the appropriate technology to view the video before purchase. All videos are easily accessible via computer or mobile device. If you are not computer savvy, you may have trouble; but if you know how to use and navigate Facebook, you should be fine.
  6. Because of the nature of this product--a pattern via video--I cannot offer refunds unless you contact me within 24-hours of your purchase. 

Full-Length Tutorial Videos Available for Purchase

Please make sure you have read through the entire page above before making any purchases!